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Credit Score

> 700

...or Co-Signer

Preview your credit score for free at

Application Fee

$50 / Applicant

Each occupant over 18 years old and cosigner must pay a non-refundable $50 application fee.

Background Check


We perform a comprehensive financial, eviction, and criminal background check on each applicant.


See Every Room

Each applicant must tour the property before applying. This can be done via the Virtual Tour on the listing page, or in-person.

Total Monthly Income

> 3x Monthly Rent

...or Co-Signer

Total tenant income must be greater than 3x the monthly rent, or an extra security deposit and/or cosigner will be required.

Certified Box Fort Architect

Demonstrate the ability to fold a fitted sheet into a functional drawbridge

Unleash your inner child.

Applicant Requirements

Applicant Requirements
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