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  • Why do I have a late fee? Can I get it waived?
    At least part of your balance was unpaid as of the due date grace period. HOA: Please check your Annual Budget Disclosure for details on when your Assessment is due. Rental: Please check your Rental Agreement for details on when your Assessment is due. . This could be due to your check still being in transit, or your autopay not being updated for the new assessment amount at the beginning of the fiscal year. Your autopay can be checked at this link: Blue Horizon Management Company ( Please call us at 805-586-2583 if you have any further questions!
  • How do I partner with Blue Horizon Management Company?
    We are so happy that you would like to partner with Blue Horizon Management Company! We value our vendor partnerships in Building Stronger Communities by Connecting Great People with Great Properties. See below for requirements and steps in becoming a valued vendor partner with Blue Horizon: Requirements: W-9 Valid License Liability & Worker's Compensation Insurance Blue Horizon Management Company must be listed as additionally insured. Process: Fill out the Vendor Onboarding Form. Processing time can be 1-3 Days We’ll e-mail you a link to your Vendor Online Portal to set up your payment preferences, track Word Orders, and more! Vendor Portal: Complete work only when assigned a Work Order
  • Where do I send invoices?
    You may send invoices to Blue Horizon in one of three ways: 📲Online Portal: Link: Upload your PDF invoice Format must be PDF (our computers only process invoices from PDF uploads) 📧Email: Link: Attach your invoice as a PDF (required format) This is an automated email box that automatically processes PDF attachments. All non-attached, non-PDF invoices will be ignored. Non-invoice correspondence can be sent to: 2020 Alameda Padre Serra, Suite 220, Santa Barbara, CA 93103 For immediate assistance, please call 805-586-BLUE.
  • When do I get paid?
    Received invoices go through a multi-step approval process, in which we verify the work was completed. We process invoice payment batches daily for approved invoices to ensure that bills are paid within (and often much earlier than) payment terms. Depending on your selection on your Vendor Online Portal, you will either be paid via: 📬 Mailed Paper Check (default option; 7-10 business days to arrive, no fee) 💸 Direct Deposit Bank ACH (3-5 business days to deposit, no fee) ⚡ Instant Debit Card Credit (immediate deposit, 1.75% fee)
  • Is there a vendor online portal?
    Yes! You can login to your Vendor Online Portal at any time to: - Track work orders - Record photos & notes - Upload invoices - Update payment settings Vendors who embrace and use the online portal, and all its value-added efficiencies, will be assigned as our priority vendors on work order assignments and invoice payments.
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