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Embracing Transparency and Community: A Response to John Oliver's HOA Segment

Blue Horizon Management Company's Commitment to Responsible HOA Management


Earlier this year, the topic of Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and their management companies garnered significant attention, sparked in part by John Oliver's thought-provoking (and hilarious) segment on his popular show.

We highly recommend that everyone within the HOA industry watch the engaging, educational, and entertaining segment (video embedded below).

At Blue Horizon Management Company, we believe in the power of open dialogue and transparency, which is why we welcome the opportunity to respond to the valid concerns raised in the segment (after we all enjoyed the HOA humor spattered throughout the video).

Understanding the Concerns

In his segment, John Oliver touched on several key issues related to HOAs, including lack of transparency, mismanagement, and potential abuses of power. We acknowledge that these concerns are real and not uncommon in the broader landscape of HOAs. At Blue Horizon, we firmly believe that addressing these challenges requires proactive action, clear communication, and a deep commitment to our residents' well-being.

Our Approach to HOA Management

At Blue Horizon, we view HOAs as essential pillars of community governance, designed to ensure the well-maintained and harmonious living environment that our residents deserve. Our approach to HOA management is rooted in three fundamental principles:

  1. Transparency and Communication: We understand that transparency builds trust within the community. As such, we maintain open lines of communication with our residents, regularly updating them on HOA matters, financials, and upcoming projects. Residents have the right to be informed about decisions that impact their community, and we strive to empower them with knowledge. Each fully managed HOA has 4 dedicated contacts (Community Manager, Assistant Community Manager, Administrative Assistant, and Accounting Specialist).

  2. Resident Involvement and Empowerment: We strongly believe that our residents should have a say in the decisions that shape their community. Through board meetings, resident surveys, and involvement in HOA committees, we actively seek resident input and ensure their voices are heard when making crucial decisions. We enforce fair, transparent elections so every homeowner can have their voice heard.

  3. Responsible Financial Management: Financial accountability is the cornerstone of a well-run HOA. At Blue Horizon, we maintain detailed, clear, and transparent financial records, adhere to budgets, and work diligently to ensure that HOA funds are allocated responsibly to enhance community amenities and services. Comprehensive financial packets are distributed to the membership each month. An independent 3rd-party CPA reviews these HOA financials each fiscal year, of which their published review and/or audit are also distributed to the entire membership.

Addressing Challenges Head-On

While HOA management can be complex, we understand that it is our responsibility to confront challenges head-on. John Oliver's segment highlighted concerns over arbitrary and sometimes unreasonable rules enforced by some HOAs. At Blue Horizon, we continually review and update community guidelines to ensure they reflect the needs and preferences of our residents, while also respecting the importance of maintaining property values and community harmony.

Balancing Rules with Resident Satisfaction

HOA rules and regulations are meant to create a harmonious living environment for all residents. While we acknowledge the need for rules, we also strive to balance them with common sense and empathy. Our approach is to work collaboratively with residents, taking into account their feedback and concerns, and implementing rules that promote a sense of community rather than hinder it.


John Oliver's segment has brought attention to important issues in HOA management, and as a responsible property management company, we appreciate the opportunity to address these concerns. At Blue Horizon Management Company, our mission is to create vibrant and inclusive communities where residents feel valued, heard, and empowered.

We commit to fostering transparency, open communication, and responsible HOA management. By working hand-in-hand with our residents, we aim to overcome challenges and build a community that exemplifies the best aspects of HOAs—a community that enhances the quality of life for all, respects individual rights, and embraces the collective spirit that makes us stronger together.

Together, let's continue to cultivate a positive and thriving environment at Blue Horizon Management Company, where transparency, empathy, and community are at the heart of everything we do.

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