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What's New @ Team Blue?

New Vendor Instant Payment Option

At Blue Horizon Management Company, we continuously strive to enhance our services and streamline processes for the benefit of our clients and vendors.

We are thrilled to introduce our new Vendor Instant Pay option, revolutionizing the way vendors receive payments.

With Instant Pay, vendors can now opt-in to receive instant bank transfers, eliminating the waiting time associated with traditional payment methods. This optional premium service offers unprecedented convenience and efficiency, ensuring faster access to funds while maintaining flexibility for vendors. Let's delve into the details of this exciting new feature.

Instant Bank Transfers: Speeding Up Payment Delivery

Gone are the days of waiting for ACH transfers or physical checks to clear. With Vendor Instant Pay, vendors can now enjoy the convenience of instant bank transfers. This means that payments are processed and transferred to the vendor's bank account immediately, reducing payment processing time from days to mere seconds. This accelerated payment delivery ensures that vendors have faster access to their funds, enabling them to manage their finances more efficiently.

Opt-In Premium Service: Choice and Flexibility for Vendors

Vendor Instant Pay is designed as an opt-in premium service, allowing vendors to choose whether they want to avail themselves of this expedited payment option. By providing flexibility, we ensure that vendors can decide what suits their financial needs best. While traditional payment methods remain available, those vendors who value the speed and convenience of instant bank transfers can opt-in to this premium service and enjoy the benefits it offers. Vendors who do not opt-in to this premium service can choose to be paid via normal ACH or by check.

Cost Structure: Transparent and Competitive

To provide Vendor Instant Pay as a premium service, a nominal fee of 1.75% is deducted from the vendor's payment. This fee is transparently communicated and ensures that the costs associated with offering instant payment services are covered. We have carefully structured the fee to remain competitive within the market, offering a fair balance between the convenience of faster payments and reasonable costs. Vendors may still receive normal ACH or Check payments at no cost.

Enhancing Vendor-Client Relationships: Efficient and Reliable Service

By introducing Vendor Instant Pay, Blue Horizon Management Company aims to strengthen relationships with our valued vendors. We understand the significance of timely payments in maintaining positive vendor-client interactions. Instant payment capabilities demonstrate our commitment to ensuring efficiency, reliability, and financial convenience. Vendors can focus on their work and trust that they will receive their payments promptly, without unnecessary delays.

Improving Cash Flow and Operational Efficiency

For vendors, managing cash flow is essential for business success. By opting for Vendor Instant Pay, vendors can optimize their cash flow and eliminate the wait time associated with traditional payment methods. Faster access to funds enables vendors to pay bills, invest in their businesses, and plan for growth more effectively. This streamlined payment process also contributes to improved operational efficiency and a smoother vendor-client relationship.


Vendor Instant Pay represents a significant milestone in Blue Horizon Management Company's commitment to providing innovative solutions for our vendors. This premium opt-in service offers vendors the option to receive instant bank transfers, eliminating the waiting time associated with traditional payment methods. With transparent costs and flexibility, Vendor Instant Pay ensures that vendors can enjoy faster access to their funds, improve cash flow management, and streamline their operations. Blue Horizon Management Company remains dedicated to fostering efficient business practices and delivering enhanced services that benefit both our clients and valued vendor partners.

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