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What's New @ Team Blue?

Accounting Department Expansion

Introducing Mark Bradshaw & Fernanda Muñoz

It is with great pleasure that we introduce two exceptional individuals who have joined the accounting department at Blue Horizon Management Company in March 2023. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Mark Bradshaw and Fernanda Muñoz!

Their backgrounds and commitment to excellence make them invaluable additions to our team, and we are excited to see the positive impact they will have on our financial operations.


Meet Mark Bradshaw

Mark Bradshaw joins us as our new Accounting Specialist, bringing with him a wealth of accounting knowledge and experience. Mark's quick learning, keen eye for detail, and his ability to navigate complex financial systems will greatly contribute to the success of our accounting department. He will be managing the accounting for the rental department, as well as creating and reviewing complex financial packets for our HOA clients.


Meet Fernanda Muñoz

Fernanda Munoz also joins us in the accounting department, as our new Accounts Payable Specialist, ready to make a meaningful contribution to our accounting team. Fernanda will process accounts payable entry, HOA insurance, and vendor coordination for both our rental and HOA departments, among other supporting tasks. With a solid foundation in technical systems and customer support with an exceptional work ethic, Fernanda is well-equipped to handle the diverse responsibilities within our department. Her attention to detail, problem-solving abilities, and dedication to accuracy will ensure the highest standards are met in all our financial and client support operations.


Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Mark Bradshaw and Fernanda Munoz as they embark on this exciting journey with us in the accounting department at Blue Horizon Management Company. We are confident that their expertise, dedication, and collaborative spirit will significantly contribute to our financial success and help us achieve our goals. Together, we will continue to elevate our financial operations and provide exceptional support to our organization!

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