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What's New @ Team Blue?

Elevating HOA Support with a Dedicated 4-Person Team

Blue Horizon Management Company takes immense pride in delivering comprehensive and exceptional association management services. In our commitment to exceed expectations, we are thrilled to announce a new enhancement to our fully managed Homeowners Association (HOA) offerings. We now provide four dedicated support staff members to each fully managed HOA, ensuring a seamless and efficient management experience. Let's explore the roles of the Community Manager, Assistant Community Manager, Administrative Assistant, and Accountant who work collectively to optimize HOA operations.

1. Community Manager: Guiding the HOA's Success

The Community Manager serves as the primary point of contact for the HOA's Board of Directors. With their extensive knowledge and experience in association management, they oversee all aspects of community operations. Between strategic planning, meeting management, legal issues, vendor coordination, compliance, and resident communication, the Community Manager ensures the HOA operates smoothly and in accordance with established guidelines. They are primarily working hand in hand with the HOA's Board of Directors, as their expertise empowers HOA boards to make informed decisions and effectively address community needs.

2. Assistant Community Manager: Assisting and Supporting Operations

The Assistant Community Manager complements the Community Manager's role by providing valuable assistance and support with maintenance, modification requests, and compliance enforcement. They assist in the day-to-day operations of the HOA, including managing work orders, visiting the HOA for inspections, coordinating community events, addressing compliance enforcement, and responding to resident inquiries. The Assistant Community Manager acts as a reliable resource for homeowners, ensuring efficient communication and prompt issue resolution. Their presence enables the Community Manager to focus on broader strategic initiatives.

3. Administrative Assistant: Streamlining Communication and Documentation

The Administrative Assistant plays a crucial role in streamlining communication and maintaining organized documentation within the HOA. They field the first line of incoming phone calls, manage correspondence, maintain records, and aid the Assistant Community Manager with managing work orders. They are the first point of contact for homeowner questions. With their exceptional organizational skills, the Administrative Assistant ensures that the Assistant Community Manager and Community Manager can focus on more complex project management for the community. Their support facilitates efficient decision-making processes and promotes transparency.

4. Accountant Specialist: Ensuring Financial Integrity

Your Accountant Specialist within your dedicated support team specializes in HOA accounting and financial management. They oversee budgeting, financial reporting, and accounts payable/receivable. By maintaining accurate financial records, the Accountant Specialist helps the HOA board make informed financial decisions and ensures compliance with relevant regulations. Their expertise and attention to detail ensure the financial integrity of the HOA, fostering trust and transparency among homeowners.


Blue Horizon Management Company's commitment to providing unparalleled HOA management services is exemplified by our dedicated support team for fully managed HOAs. With the Community Manager, Assistant Community Manager, Administrative Assistant, and Accountant working in harmony, we ensure that every aspect of HOA operations is managed efficiently and effectively. This holistic approach guarantees streamlined communication, strategic planning, financial integrity, and enhanced support for homeowners and the HOA board alike.

Board of Directors also benefit from the added support of our HOA Division Director (Alexa Gomez, CMCA, AMS), President (Kevin Lehman, CCAM, CMCA, AMS, PCAM), and Controller (Daniel Huls, CAFM).

As a trusted partner, Blue Horizon Management Company continues to redefine excellence in HOA management by delivering tailored solutions and exceptional service through our dedicated support team.

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